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Services Offered


Clinical Thai Massage Therapy

Clinical Thai massage therapy is a form of massage therapy focusing on medical issues and pain relief. In clinical Thai massage, the ultimate focus is on functional outcomes.

The therapist uses touch to manipulate soft tissues throughout the clients body and focuses on the treatment to maintain, develop, augment or rehabilitate the patient's physical function. Clinical Thai massage therapy can improve the functioning of joints and muscles, aid in the healing process, and restoring normal motion across joints. 

Some of the ways the therapist engages the client are with breath, muscle activity via contract/relax, actively/passively stretching connective tissue; reporting of tenderness and other sensation, and most importantly, an experience of conscious, pain-free movement during the session. This is compatible with modern ideas of neuroplasticity and the neuroscience of chronic pain.

The techniques combine compression of tender points, traversal of key lines and joint movement to find and eliminate taut fibers and tenderness and to unlock the compensatory splinting patterns that are the body's attempt to stabilize painful and unstable areas.

This modality is practiced on a mat, the client should be wearing comfortable unrestrictive clothing so the therapist can stretch and move the client freely.

Fascial Training

Created for those looking to target specific movement challenges our 1 on 1 sessions will help you increase mobility through, adaptable, integrative and progressional movements that designed just for you. Each client will receive a movement assessment and individualized plan which will include corrective exercises, functional movement patterns and strength. For best results we recommend a minimum of 1- 45 minute session per week for 6 weeks.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping runs interference on pain and can also help reduce inflammation, delay fatigue, improve athletic performance, normalize muscle tone and distribute physical stress helping you to move better.  

When properly applied many of our clients call it magic, getting the sensation of fixing their injury instantly.  Because it changes how your brain interprets pain most people feel relief immediately.  




Pain Management

Sessions are 60 minutes or 90 minutes and are specific to each clients pain/movement challenges.  (Clients participating in the HPMP Program will receive a complimentary posture screen and movement analysis during their initial session). Each session includes massage, corrective exercises and mind-body practices such as somatic movement and breathing exercises.  Clients will also receive movement exercises to practice at home.  Although all clients will benefit from initial session, most clients may see better results after multiple sessions.  

Rossiter System Fascial Stretching

The Rossiter System is a series of powerful and effective techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source, the connective tissue system.  It goes directly to the soure of the problem - tight connective tissue, unwinding the restrictions causing your problems .  Tightness eases, blood flows, nerves communicate and your muscles and joints regain freedom of movement!

Manual Muscle Testing

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) is an assessment that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root.  When applied, MMT can determine which muscles are over and under-facilitated providing important information on how to address movement dysfunction.  

Sports Conditioning &Preventative Measures

Taking Preventative Measures Against Sports Injuries.

Like most athletes, you undoubtedly want to reduce or eliminate your chances of injury while participating in your sport. Injuries or pain can decrease the amount of time you can spend in leisure activities, lower your fitness and impact competitive performance. Sports scientists suggest that injury rates could be reduced by 25% if athletes took appropriate preventative action.

If you participate in sports activities you may experience the effects of overtraining. This causes muscles to become rigid and can affect your ability to move efficiently therefore increasing the risk of injuries. If an injury does occur, you can benefit from clinical massage therapy along with corrective exercise and other modalities, such as fascial training, which focus on the injured areas to promote healing and improve mobility.

At MovUnlimited, we offer several services which can be used as a preventive measure to keep future injuries from occurring as well as help you recover from injury. 

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing form of yoga/body integration that blends assisted Yoga stretches and the techniques of Traditional Thai Massage. This unique and radical approach to energy balancing creates a blissfully integrated experience.

Results typically include a deep release of blocked energy in body and mind, as well as improved spinal alignment, better physical balance, improved joint mobility and increased flexibility. Clients who receive regular treatments also report enhanced mental clarity, deeper sleep, greater endurance and more enjoyment of sports, work and play.

Thai Yoga is performed with the client comfortably dressed on a special mat on the floor. Typically, the practitioner will use most of his body, including feet, knees, forearms (and hands) to weave together a sophisticated sequence of deeply healing stretches, rhythmic acupressure and gentle rocking moves. Sessions are typically about one hour long.

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