I can’t say enough about Nicole, Mariko and just this approach to treatment in general. When my issues started I was advised to seek chiropractic treatment. I’ve never been comfortable with that modality. Not that I don’t believe in the effectiveness of it, I have a fear about it like one might have of a dentist! Nicole was my first call when this flare up started and I have to say I’m so thankful. She’s smart, thorough, patient and effective. I love the fact that not only do you have Nicole’s incredible clinical knowledge of the body and its muscular/facial system, you have Mariko with the same understanding treating you with yet another modality. Yet another bonus if you also participate in any of the movement classes Nicole offers at fuse is that your therapist can also double as your trainer! Coaching you with modifications specific to where she knows you’ll benefit and helping to prevent re-injury by educating you about what’s going on with your specific body and its mechanics. I didn’t even know I had a piriformis 3 weeks ago! The postural assessment and videos provided by Nicole for home practice have been key for me. This has not been an easy few weeks for me and I owe Nicole, Mariko and Movunlimited a great big thank you. For your patience and for this incredible approach to treatment and recovery. You’re the best!
— Kathy
Woke up yesterday after a night of not being able to sleep at all due to neck and shoulder pain. A slow stretch class and some rock tape and I am better than new!! Go see Nicole to get taped!

— Laura

I have gotten so much benefit coming to your program - You and your team are the best !!!! Thank you for everything
— Laura